Reconstruction of Karnobat railway station complex

"Reconstruction of Karnobat Railway Station Complex"


As a result of the long-term operation, the buildings of the railway stations in Bulgaria are in very bad condition. This requires their modernization, reconstruction and repair, including existing installations. These actions aim to bring the conditions of the station complexes in compliance with the European standards in the area, ensuring the safety of the passengers and quality services for them. In parallel, the station will be brought into line with the requirements of the regulatory framework for building an accessible environment in the urbanized territories. Measures will be implemented to increase the energy efficiency of public spaces, to introduce smart, modern systems for heating, air conditioning, lighting, information system and more.

The appearance of railway stations is of great importance for the image of rail transport. They are in many cases the face of the railroad. It is normal in Europe the big station complexes are turned into shopping centers with shops, restaurants and parking lots. That is why for the renovation and reconstruction of the old ones and for the construction of new stations it is necessary to develop different concepts according to the location of each one. It is important the organization of service at the stations in order to bring the necessary comfort for the passengers.


Construction contract: 4 142 125 BGN

Supervision contract: 157 000 BGN

After the reconstruction, the railway station Poduyane has been completely renovated, meeting all European requirements for energy efficiency, technical safety and accessible environment. During the implementation of the reconstruction, a complete renovation of the reception building was carried out, new energy efficient and high-tech modern installations were built – electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, security, video surveillance and the system for information announcements.